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August 20 2017

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What does this mean

#someone’s a fuckin rich nerd

I know this is meant to be a funny but funfact! The lotus set in Magic: The Gathering is bar-none the most expensive set in history, getting a whole set for a 60-card average deck would easily cost more than the car pictured. This card alone is worth nearly 20k, with some others costing several thousand dollars.

someone is absolutely a fuckin rich nerd.


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July 19 2017

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May 24 2017

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May 23 2017

- Bukowski "Miłość to piekielny pies"

May 21 2017

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Sigh. Hurts every single time.
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foto by Mirelka
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May 18 2017

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She is
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May 11 2017

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